Supperimpose Previous Week's Values on Current Week Visual

How can I superimpose the previous week’s values on the current week?

That is, I wish to have a plot for today’s orders with an overlay chart of last week’s order distribution.


Hello @sahil.maisuria - You need to create 2 measures - Current Orders and Previous Week Orders and then put those 2 measures in the Area chart to achieve that. In case, you are facing any challenge, please let me know. If you can share a sample of your dataset, then I can provide you more details on the exact calculation in case you need it. Hope this helps! Thank you!

@sagmukhe How do I create the previous week’s values? My date variable is at the minute level.

Here is my formula for the current week’s orders:
Total Orders = distinct_count({id[table_session]})

I’m not sure if this is correct, however.

Thanks for your response @sahil.maisuria. Having Date variable at minute level is not a problem. However, in which granularity do you want to have your X axis? Because if you want to show the date field (at minute level) in X Axis then what value to you want to put against it. For example - Dec 10 12.00 PM - What do you want to show as Current Value vs Previous Week Value? Will it be just 7 day prior value that you would like to see? A sample of expected layout will be helpful. Thank you!

Hi @sagmukhe. Here is an example of the layout.

I wish to show the current week’s date on the X axis but have the 7 day prior value as a line

There are basically 3 steps that you need to do.

Step 1 : Convert your Date Field into Date Format (if not done already) so that Time calculations can be don over that.

Step 2 : Create Current Orders =

distinct_count({Order ID})

Step 3: Create Previous Orders =

periodOverPeriodLastValue(distinct_count({Order ID}), {Order Date},WEEK, 1)

Step 4 : Project these 2 measures in Line chart like below

Hope this helps!

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@sagmukhe This is really helpful! Thank you so much!

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