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I’ve been working on a filled map in Quicksight, specifically in the Scandinavia region. I want to visualize on a province level. This works for some provinces such as Skane. However, Quicksight says that other provinces provided are invalid, such as: Vaesterbotten, Vaermland, Vaestmanland, Gaevleborg, Jaemtland, Vaestra Goetaland.

Is this because of spelling issues? If so where can I find the list with accepted provinces per country?

Hi, We have logged a ticket to the concerned team. We will get back after debugging the issue. Thank you!

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Sorry for the late revert. The issue may be due to incorrect data type for the provinces. Provinces, are Admin level 2 and hence tagged as states internally. Please try the following steps and it should work.
(1) Edit data set
(2) Change the data type to “State”
(3) Create Hierarchy for single country
(4) Publish and visualize
Attaching a small video on the above steps. Hope this is helpful.
Sweeden States