Switch order of rows

I am trying to move the first row to last since it’s the Total but by default it shows up as the first row in the table. Thanks

Create a calculated column with expression similar to
ifelse({Description}=“Total”, 1, 0)

Before proceeding to the next step, add this field to the table and make sure that you get a positive number in the “Total” row and zero in all other rows.

Now, you should be able to select the “Description” field in the field wells, under “Sort by” select “Sort Options” and specify that you want Description to be sorted by the newly created calculated field.

Hi Tatyana thank you for your response. How do I create a calculated column? Sorry I didn’t understand that part.


Hi @aditya2268,

You can pin totals to the top or bottom of a table by clicking the pencil icon to edit the formatting of your visual and then expanding the totals section and clicking “Bottom”.