% symbol to the decimal points

Hi , I want to show a percent symbol next to the numeric field of the dataset which also dynamically changes according to the decimal control I’ve created.
When I create a calculated field and adding it to the visual it’s taking as a string and it’s giving the count instead of the numerical number.

How do I change it so it gives me as a sum

Need help on this

Hi @Vysh27

you are creating a string field that cant be summed up. Its like sum A and B.
But why not format/show the Sales as Percent?


when I try to format the sales as percent, the parameter that i’ve created to show the decimal points doesn’t work

How Can I make the parameter work by formatting the sales as percent?

Other way around.
What do you want to achieve with the parameter and your sales field?
Can you share a sample?

As you can when I change the control to 2 the decimals in the numerical field also change to 2

maybe you can have a look into

It’s still taking it as count and not showing the numbers according to the fixed decimal

Because you still creating a sting and not a number.

okay , but how was Gian able to achieve it as a sum and not count

Help me with this

Not sure he used sum or was looking on row level.
But i would say you will only achieve a sum if you format it instead of casting it into a string.

Any alternate way how I can Achieve what I want?

How Can I add the % symbol and Show it as a number and not count

As I said only if you format the field that its keeps a numeric value.
Maybe you have to adjust the decimal parameter.

Hello @Vysh27 !

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