Sync cognito user and groups with quicksight

Can anyone point me to a solution on how to sync users and groups with Cognito as we will be using Cognito for our portal access.
Thank you in advance,

Hi @Dom -

I don’t have a complete example for Cognito but here is an example of JIT (Just in Time) user provisioning, GitHub - aws-samples/aws-cognito-quicksight-auth: A simple JavaScript frontend and SAM template to spin up a serverless backend, federating Cognito User Pools users to QuickSight.

This example is for Okta but has pre-provision / sync. GitHub - aws-samples/govern-amazon-quicksight-with-okta. This could be adopted to use Cognito and the Cognito API rather than Okta.

Marking resolved. Please reopen if any further questions.