Table calculation as percent of total of another column

Hi I wanted to calculate in pivot table by each measure - value1 of each measure/sum(value 2) for all measures. Simply put, I want to replicate what I have achieved in Excel below in Quicksight.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Tanisha,

You can use sumOver - Amazon QuickSight function to calculate the total value of scanned unit and then use that in another calculated field to calculate the results. Based on your example dataset above, use two steps calculated fields as defined below to produce the expected results

  1. create a calculated field total_scanned_unit as sumOver(sum({scanned_units}))
  2. create another calculated field Result as (sum(misses)/{Total_scanned_units})*10000

Thank you

Hi Deepak!

I seem to have missed this. Thanks a ton :slight_smile: I’ll try this. Super helpful if this works! :slight_smile:


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