Table Chart with Bars/HeatMap in a column

many other BI tools/software have the capability to change numbers in a column of a table into bars or heat-map. Is this also something QS can do in the future? see attached screenshot for details

This can be achieved by creating two visuals 1. Table 2. Bar , then choose free form layout and place them side by side, turn off borders to look like its the same visual.

Here are more details on free form layout: Create stunning, pixel perfect dashboards with the new free-form layout mode in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

Clarification for the answers above:

  • gradient color for the cells can be added using conditional formatting on the visual. Documentation link
  • at the moment QuickSight is not able to show bars inside a table. The workaround that can be used in some situations is to position 2 visuals next to each other: table visual can be used to show rows, bar chart visual can be used to show bars. This workaround does not work in all cases. We have plans to allow people to show bars inside a table.