TABLE column name change/edit

Hi Team,

I have 2 table in sheet 1 and both the table has same column name with different data. While creating calculated field it is not allowing me to use same heading twice hence I used some prefix/ suffix . While including in visual how can I edit header as per the requirement in table column name.

Screen shot attached, in that yellow highlighted part i want to delete.



Hi Nandan, Thanks for asking, for edit any column header you need to go to below steps

Step 1 - Just select your Table visual and click on the format visual button
PFB the picture for your understanding


Step 2 - Then you can see a list of format visual option available in QuickSight on the Side of Menu bar.
Just select Group-by column names from the list of Format visual options and put your custom column name on the blank box.

PFB the picture for your understanding



Thank you for the support. I used the above details but I can only edit 1st column name and how to edit other columns?

only column 1 is from base data rest all the column is from calculated field.

Then you can rename the calculated field

Hi @Biswajit_1993,

In calculated field repeated name is not allowed. Same name used in table.

Let me check once from dataset end it is possible or not?

Hi @nandu I have attached two pictures so that you can understand the things correctly.


In this highlighted box I created 4 calculated field and later point of time in my Table visual type I changed the name of the calculated field .

Here I used the same name column for me its working please check again from your end sides.


Check in format>value column names. Here you should be able to edit.

Hi Nandan,

Biswajit’s response on renaming columns is correct. Just that your column happened to be a measure and hence would show under Value column names as pointed out by Ramon. Marking Ramon’s answer as the solution here.

Arun Santhosh