Table Value Inflating when Sum Aggregate is selected

I’ve manually uploaded a table via csv into Quicksight from a survey engine export and am running into issues when trying to use the Sum Aggregate selection for my value field in my tables. For some reason it’s returning my numbers inconsistently altered. In one instance it magnified the correct value from 4 to 84 and another 5 to 50. Either way when I select sum from the value aggregate options, my table data changes. Any ideas on how to avoid this? Is there a different Aggregate I should be using? Should I avoid the value field designation all together? Note that I do want to get subtotals of the inputs by the organization’s leaders, but the subtotal is inflated since the field values are exponentially greater than what they should be.

Hello @hssoulie !

When you are adding this value field to your table visual, are you including any other fields or just this field?

I would recommend adding some kind of key field, such as UUID or other unique identifier for the rows. That should at least help narrow the issue.

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The other fields I have included are a unique employee identifier and the org level leader. I’m not familiar with UUIDs, do you have any resources on these?

Following your guidance, I’ve also tried adding in response ID (a unique identifier that consists of 16 alphanumeric characters) and that doesn’t seem to help. Any other suggestions?