Taking access to all quicksight Topics through CLI

Is there a way to take access to all topics that are setup in a quicksight account through Quicksight CLI?
I can see there is 1 ‘Topic’ created in an account, using list-topics API in CLI, but i cannot see it on Quicksight right now ( I assume i cannot see it right now is because the topic has not been shared with me, hence i need to take access for the same, let me know if this is the actual reason or there is some other reason)

Hi Sahil,
You can use the update-topic-permissions API to grant access to the topics. You can get the full list of topics first as you already did and then loop through to grant access.
And yes, you don’t see the topic in the UI likely because it has not been shared with you.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
Thank you.

Hi, can you help me with the requisite syntax for using the same?
currently i am using this structure, as mentioned in the documentation
update-topic-permissions --aws-account-id --topic-id --grant-permissions
I am aware on what values need to be put for aws account ID and topic ID, but could not find much documentation with respect to grant permissions. I would just like for the topic to be visible and usable through the API for the user with whom it needs to be shared ( In this case, I am sharing with myself)

Please help with an example syntax for the same.

Many Thanks !