Template from an analysis has 'CREATION_FAILED' status because of INTERNAL_FAILURE without any further details

I am creating template from an existing analysis in QuickSight account A in order to migrate it to QuickSight account B. The API call to create the template went through, however, the template is in CREATION_FAILED status without any further details to solve the error.

Appreciate any advice on debugging this error . Thank you very much!

  "$metadata": {
    "httpStatusCode": 200,
    "requestId": "99d7e26c-8753-4ea1-899b-ca30de36c776",
    "attempts": 1,
    "totalRetryDelay": 0
  "RequestId": "99d7e26c-8753-4ea1-899b-ca30de36c776",
  "Template": {
    "Arn": "arn:aws:quicksight:eu-west-1:123456789012:template/my_template_id",
    "CreatedTime": "2023-11-13T10:10:30.082Z",
    "LastUpdatedTime": "2023-11-13T10:10:30.082Z",
    "TemplateId": "my_template_id",
    "Version": {
      "CreatedTime": "2023-11-13T10:10:30.085Z",
      "Errors": [
          "Message": "An error occurred while processing the request",
          "Type": "INTERNAL_FAILURE",
          "ViolatedEntities": null
      "Sheets": [],
      "Status": "CREATION_FAILED",
      "VersionNumber": 1
  "Status": 200

Hello @Giang_Nguyen !

I think ultimately this needs to be a support ticket, but could you walk me through some of the details on how you ran this? Was it via CLI, SDK, etc…?

Hello @Giang_Nguyen !

It has been awhile since we have heard from you. If you still need help with this please feel free to repost your question at the top of the community.

Hello @duncan , thank you for following up. It ended up being a QuickSight issue and I openned an AWS support case. It has been solved now.

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