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Is there any CLI command / other option to create analysis from existing template?
Imagine scenario:

  • I prepared analysis no1 and template no1 from analysis no1.
  • I prepared analysis no2 from analysis no1. However, I don’t like analysis no2 and want to go back to analysis no1. I don’t know how much I should roll back changes. So, the ideal solution would be to use template no1 and restore from it analysis no1.
    Is it possible?

Good day Pawel,

Given you’re not sure how far you’d like to roll back. I would create a new analysis from template no1, then start again from there to see if it has everything you want.

You can create a new analysis from a template by using the create-analysis API and setting the source entity to your template.

Hope that helps!


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In addition to what @robkc has said, you could look into versioning and aliasing : Evolve your analytics with Amazon QuickSight’s new APIs and theming capabilities | AWS Big Data Blog ( Search in the blog : Versioning and aliasing )



Thank you @robkc and @Koushik_Muthanna for you answers.

I am new to the topic so I will have basic questions.

  1. I want to create template. One of the required parameters is: template-id. Where can I find this template-id if I haven’t prepared any template yet?


  1. The second question is about create analysis. Where can I find: --analysis-id which is required parameter?

Hi Pawel,

Both of these fields are fields you can specify. I suggest using meaningful names.

Checkout the CreateTemplate and CreateAnalysis pages. You’ll see in CreateAnalysis under AnalysisId it highlights the fact the id you specify will appear as part of the URL for the analysis.

Let us know how you get on.

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