Text box with Date paratmeter - update needed

Hi team,

I have a use case where I need to populate a date in a text box based on a date parameter field. I’m using it in the heading of a report / dashboard. Something like the below:

“Reporting for period starting - [Date]” or “Reporting for period starting - Wed, 22nd 2023”

I see this may have been released for Paginated reports, but not for report/dashboard. Has there been any update to the release of this functionality?


hi @QSCommUser ,

I am able to pass the date parameter into a text box , did you test it at your end ?


@Koushik_Muthanna - thanks for this.

I was trying to create the parameter field, but once created it was not propagating to my filters correctly, hence I thought this was not working.

I have created one now, but it is not working as expected. I believe this is down to user error though.

@Koushik_Muthanna - actually, what I need a little help with is a few different use cases which I need to use in the dashboard / report.

Overall scenario - I have a dashboard which is effectively cut into two different sections. The top section shows sales for a particular week (filtered by an individual salesperson) driven by a date range which is typically the previous week, as it is a weekly report.

The second section of the report shows or intended to show the weekly rank changes for sales people over the last month or 4 weeks. This section of the report needs to be link to the reporting week mentioned above.

So for reporting week 12/02/23 to 18/02/23 - the rank changes in the bottom section needs to show / display data for a salespersons rank over the last 4 weeks - like the below:


The issue I’m having is the filter context between the two tables. I have tried changing “Apply To - Some Visuals / Only this Visual”.

I understand I may need to use parameters to achieve this, but unsure how I can link the two reporitng periods so they are in sync with each other (or have context to each other).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.