Text box with field data

I assume this is a no… but is there some way to add a visual that’s basically a text box, but that can display field data?

I’m basically trying to make a site detail page, but I’d like to show the name, address, etc… a bunch of fields. They really belong in a text box - I’d like to format them lay them out a bit.

It doesn’t look like the current text box can reference anything but parameters. Is there some way I could set a bunch of parameters when somebody navigates to a page or something? It would be pretty impractical to set them all from all the places that might link to that page.

Are you talking about insights?


As Max noted above, Insights can be used to show text and reference field data. You can start with a new insight, or modify a suggested insight.
I’ll mark his post as a solution. Please let us know if you have any additonal questions.

thank you.

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Sorry - maybe I’m missing something…

Say I just want to make navigate action where I set a parameter for a store id and then on that page - a detail page - I want to show the store’s address, or the name of its manager. I’m not seeing how to actually do that, even in an Insight. Is there something I’m missing? It seems like insights want to show me calculations about fields. How would I get a single text value in one?

When you create an insight, you don’t have to use a computation. Just click on the x on the top right of the computation screen and then customize insight. Here you can type in text as well as include parameters.