Text Box with Image not displaying

I’ve created an Analysis with a text box. In the box I’ve put the link of an image that is saved in our team Wiki as an attachment. However, when the Analysis is refreshed because the dataset behind is refreshed, the link to the image gets broken. No idea why. Can you help?

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean it get’s broken? You can’t reach it? It doesn’t display correctly?

Problem: after dataset refresh the image wasn’t displayed at all in the Text Box visual
Root cause: the link I was using wasn’t working correctly

  1. Change the website where the image is saved: Save the image in another internal tool rather than the Wiki page. I’ve uploaded the image on SharePoint and copied the link from there. No problems at all.
  2. Change the visual: Use the Custom Visual Content instead of text Box. But the link needs to work as well.