Text box with Parameters

Hello Team,

Could you please some one assist me is there is any possibilities to change the count in the text box automatically by using the parameter.

For example, please have a look in to the below snap.

I have a table with details like Date, No. of orders received, No. of orders are closed.

If I select the specific date ., the values has to be capture automatically in text box.

is there is any possibilities. If yes, could you please help me with example.

Thanks in advance

Hi @tdr_Dinesh, in the text box, if you click the icon on the right of the panel you can add parameters.

If you need a richer experience than the text box offers, you can use the Insights visual type to create custom narratives as show here: Adding custom insights to your analysis - Amazon QuickSight

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HI @tdr_Dinesh we can’t do this in Text box but we can achieve this by using KPI visual type, Text Box & with Custom Insight.

KPI Visual Type - Use it for adding the No of order open & No of order closed.
Customer Insight - Need to format the Date parameter and for adding the text.
Text box - Putting some text for the visual.

For my side the visual look like this


Step - 1

Create two parameter one is for Start Date & another is for End Date

For that go to parameter menu and click on the + button and give the name of the two parameter and select the Data Type as Datetime and Time Granularity as Day when you select any Datetime parameter it is always ask you to put the Fixed date so just go to your data and check your start time & end time and put that in the fixed date field.

For me it is startdate is - 2011/01/01 & enddate is - 2016/03/31
PFB the picture for the parameter.
StartDate Parameter

EndDate Parameter

Step -2
Then create a insight visual type by going to the (+ add button) and select the Add insight.(Here we need this because only for changing the Date format of the two parameter because there is the only way we can change the Date format like YYYY/MM/DD to dd-MMM-yyyy)


Then select the Customize insight and put the same formula and format like the below picture.

When you click on the Customize insight then you can see a dialog box where on the right side you have the option to add parameter so just go to that and add the two parameter and formatted like the below picture.

After that you need to create two KPIS chart one is for Number of order received another is for Number of order closed.

for that go to the + then Add visual and from the Visual type select the KPI chart.
In the KPI chart put your column data and on the formatting part you need to do some formatting for the two KPI chart please find the below picture for that.

For changing the color of the KPI value I added one simple conditional formatting for the two KPI chart.
PFB the picture for the details.


Step- 4
Once you complete all the 3 steps lastly you add two text box one is for Number of Order Received and another is for No of Order Closed.

Step - 5

Add the two control from the Parameter Section as Start Date & End Date for filtering your Data.

(Yes for the activation of the parameter you need to activate the paramer by selecting the Date filter and select the custom filter y]type and put the startdate parameter & enddate parameter on it)
So now all these steps complete for our visual part now its need to arrange all the chart so for that it is the manual process I have add all the chart placement picture you can change as per your visual placement.

For the insight visual,
For the Number of Order Received text box,
For the number of Order Closed text box,
For the two KPIS chart ,

These are all steps you need to follow for achieving the result if anywhere you have doubt feel free to post the query .

Thanks again…

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Thank you @Biswajit_1993 and @Steph for your prompt response.

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HI @tdr_Dinesh ,
If you need in details like how I created the visual then I will share all the steps so that you can create at your end.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

Hi @Biswajit_1993, it will be helpful for me if you share me the detailed steps. Thank you

Hello @Biswajit_1993 ,

I have the same Issue…but your explanantions hekped me a lot.
Did you have any suggestions weh I Could see my paramters in drop down field of Textbox ?
I have got several Parametrs but only one appears thre for selection.

Thanks in advance


add on:
I found out that we have paramaters we need paramters with “single value”, but even then , it doesn’t show me the result, here I created a pramater with caluclation, but it shows me only “All” in the textfield not the calculation…

Normally it should show 261,248 like in the table beside

Hello @Biswajit_1993,

Another alternative is using the Custom insights, but is not possible to create it like described…
I wanted it like this described in the picture:
I have got one value but I need Several percentiles calculated out of it.
One Idea was that I am using Calculation for every percentile.
If you could help me that would be great