Text field Multiline Control limitations

I have 1M User ids in one field, I’ve created the visual as table and included user id as column.
I have added an input option using text-field multiline control for my customers. This multiline control is linked to user ids filter.
Since we’ve 1M User ids, generally customers will paste 20K users id each time. each user id is of 10 character.
Is there a limitation on number of characters which can be inserted in Multiline control ?
My customers are able to paste only 7K User ids.

Hello @rajencho !

I’m not sure of any specific character limit for Text field - multiline parameter controls, but I imagine that it is limited. I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.

That being said, do your users typically look at the same User IDs each time they access the dashboard, or will it be different each time? If it is the same each time, you could consider applying RLS so that the user doesn’t have to engage a filter.

I would also suggest batching these sorts of requests if possible to reduce load times.


I can’t provide RLS as I’ve 1000 customers who need the raw data for 5M rows.
These 1000 users constantly extract the data from Quicksight and each time they need to apply filter to extract.
Generally they have 20-30K user IDs to filter.
So the limit is 7.2K as of today (having 10 character string in user id)
if the number of characters are less, 7.2k can be increased sligthly.

What do you suggest , How do i resolve this ?

Hello @rajencho!

I can mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.

My suggestion would be to consider either batching the the User ID’s in some way if there is any kind of grouping association so that your users can filter based on a group rather than individuals.

Or you could have the user filter based on attributes for the User IDs, for example who logged in to the service in the past 48 hrs.