The nearest store

Hi All,

I have a table with name of store and latitude and longitude. I’d like to have a table where I can see the name of the store and the name of the store or stores that are close (defined by a latitude and longitude)

For example If I have a store with lat (X.XXX) and long (Y.YYY) I’d like to know the stores that are in X.XXX+/-0.005 and Y.YYY+/-0.005

Is that possible in QS?


Do you want to filter to the store or to the lat and longitude?

For example if you put in lat and longitude as parameter’s you would be able to make calculated fields that check the lat and longitude you put into a paramater against the latitude and longitude of your fields within a range.

Here is an example:

ifelse(abs(${lat_param}-{lat_field})<=.005 AND abs(${long_param}-{long_field})<=.005,‘Show’,‘Filter Out’)

However, if you want to filter down to the store via a parameter I don’t know if that would be possible.

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