The target value and amount may change depending on the filter. Therefore, the Achievement Rate is calculated on the QuickSight side. Please re-examine how QuickSight calculates.This is my query, How can we achieve this(Is it possible using insight)?

Is it possible to achieve using insight feature

@Praveen , Can you please share screenshot or query ? Some details here would help in getting quick response.

Hello Praveen, one way to overcome the behavior of the filters in certain fields (calculated fields in this case) would be by using Level Aware Functions.

These will allow you to chose at which stage the calculation/aggregation will take place from the following list of options:

  • PRE_FILTER – Prefilter calculations are computed before the dataset filters.

  • PRE_AGG – Preaggregate calculations are computed before applying aggregations and top and bottom N filters to the visuals.

  • POST_AGG_FILTER – (Default) Table calculations are computed when the visuals display.

More info here.

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