Threshold Alerts with Parameters

Hi! How do parameters set up as control filters impact that data used in alerts?

I have a date filter set up between two date parameters (a start and end date). The start date parameter is defaulted to the beginning of this year and the end date parameter is defaulted to yesterday. The visual I want to set an alert for is a KPI of dollars(sum) with the two date parameters as filters on the visual.

For this example, I have the start date control filter set to March 1, 2023 and the end date control filter set to March 7, 2023 and the KPI dollar(sum) is $100K. I set my alert to email me if the dollar(sum) exceeds $120K. Will the alert look at the date parameters and calculate a rolling 7 day sum? Or does it look at the default parameter settings? If neither, how does date parameter control filters affect the sum calculated for an alert?


It will look at the filtered visual. So if you have a filter on that visual that is being dictated by parameters it will take that into account.