Time Series Visuals?

I have data that is grouped by location and the value is times of first orders. For exmaple over a week the first orders can happen from 9:00AM-10:00AM…

Is there a way in QS to get the avg or stddev of the dattime value of the first order?

You can’t do it over datetimes. However you can cast those hours to integers and do it over that calculated field.

THank You! Is there a way to apply this only to the first value of each day?

Right now I have a pivot table where the value is the minimum timestamp values (First time)… how can I aggregate on that min aggreagtion over x days

I think there are a couple of ways.

One is to make a field that’s a min over.

,[location ]


Then you can use that field however, you will need to also reference datetime and location in your visual.

You can also look at rank and filter only to those of rank one.

[min(datetime) DESC],
[location, truncDate(‘DD’,datetime)]

Let me know if either of those helps

Im getting a syntax error but the extract(‘MI’,time) is returning 0 which is werid because there are minute values in every entry.

I might export the data into pandas df do some analysis there and write the table into QS

Hmm, you sure the time ONLY has non zero minutes? For instance 9:00 AM would be zero for the minute.

Also, are you doing a min over this? In that case it would return a value of zero if any are zero

What is your syntax error?