TimeStamp not showing hour, minute, second

I am trying to use a column in my dashboard where timestamp is only showing year, month and day but should be presents as year, month, day and hour, minutes and second , I have used the dd/MMM/yyyy HH:mm:ss format but on my darshboard only shows year, month and day??

Did you make sure that you’re aggregation is to the second?

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I haven’t aggregated it, all I did was that I used the filed 2from dataset and try to change to format

is this a wrong approach?

Can you show me your visual and the field wells?

Hey Max thanks for getting back to me fast, because I nature of the work I am not able to show detail or fields etc, , how ever, my field is coming as datetime, it is used in a table value and I have just changed it again and some how start working :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

I am re-oppening this case because I am having the same problem and I was not able to solve it…

I have a field in my dataset called “creation_date” which is in timestamp format:

When I add it to a table in QuickSight analysis it does not give me the hour:minute information, even if I customise the date format to do so:

Could you please help me understand what is the cause of this issue?

Thanks in advance!

If anyone else runs into this - I had the same problem, and indeed it was aggregation. I added fields to a table, but QuickSight automatically makes these aggregate fields, and then automatically aggregates them by day!