To get embedding url for anonymous users using aws sdk for javascript in react application

Hello All ,

I am trying to embed Quicksight Dashboard in internal react application ,

So as a first step, i am trying to get Embedding Url for anonymous users following this doc

const AWS = require('aws-sdk');
const quicksight = new AWS.QuickSight({ apiVersion: '2018-04-01' });

,it shows error ” AWS.Quicksight is not a constructor” ,even though i did as mentioned in the docs ,
Any idea ?

Please share the version of ‘aws-sdk’, node, react you are using.

Is ‘quicksight’ a global variable in your code?

Does other AWS service APIs work (if you are using any).

@rajjaya , thanks for your reply.

Yes ‘quicksight’ is global variable

AWS-SDK version : 2.1097.0
React Version : 16.12.0
Node Version : v17.6.0

Does other AWS service APIs work (if you are using any) → " No i dont have any other API Calls for other AWS Services ".

Thank you for confirming a Lambda based solution to generate en Embed URL works.

QuickSight Embedding APIs including generateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser needs to be invoked from server side.