To show the latest data availbel date

Hello everyone, I have created a dashboard and it has date wise KPIs. Database is getting updated regularly with the date field.
My question is, how can I show the latest data avilable date when user opens the dashboard from the browser.

Apprecite anybody can suggest a method.



Just create an Insight visual to show the MAX value of the Date field. Add this visual to your dashboard

Thanks for the reply. My date field is in timestamp format. Can you please let me know how do I get the max date.

Hi @PandaDH

in the analysis you can reformat the datetime into date with

formatDate(orderDate, 'dd MMM yyyy')

so you can use:

format ( maxOver( Date, , PRE_FILTER ) , ‘dd MMM yyyy’)

I hope it helps,

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Thanks @gillepa it worked.

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