Toggle button to show a table

Hi all i 'm trying to visualize this situation.
i have 3 different tables and i try to find a way to have 3 toggle button (or similar) that show or hide the table when selected or not. Is it possible?

Hi @gborasio

Yes. It is possible.

  1. Create a single valued parameter and set a default value. Say ‘Table1’ in this case

  2. Create a control with static values

  3. Create table visuals. In rules, Hide visual by default and set a rule like below

So, the appropriate visuals show up when we select the control values.

Hope this helps!

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Sorry for my knowledge, the point2 ) with visual object is?

And for point 1 ) you mean to add a parameter like this?

Found it sorry @MadhuB m control have drop down list with is the settings for radio button ?

@gborasio :

The visual you find in point2 is a Control that is moved to sheet. When we select ‘List’ as its type and remove ‘Select All’ in control options, It will look like Radio button options as shown here.

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Hi! thanks for the help! I’m trying to show multiple tables with this, can it be done?