Tooltip on World Map Dashboard

How to give tooltip as multiline on hovering highlighted country in Dashboard containing World Map

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You can create a tooltip with a world map:

Sadly classic multilines wont work, within a tooltip field.



Hi @Namita ,

You can devide your long text into multiple lines and add them to the tooltip. Meaning one calculated field per line that you add.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply, I have only one column in which I am having data with ‘|’ symbol separated and I want the data in next line wherever I am having ‘|’

Hi @Namita ,

as mentioned before you can split this single column into mulitple lines by using this function:

Afterwards you add the resulting fields in your tooltip.

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Hi Nico,

Thanks for your reply. Can you give me one Example or any screenshot.

My text like “Name1 | Name2 | Name3”, Every name I need in next line

Hi @Namita ,

please find the uploaded file under this link:
Multiline Tooltip

The example for the first line:

split(text, '|', 1)

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Hi @Namita, did this solution work for you? I am marking this reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community!

Hi Nico, My text is like “TextOne | TextTwo | Text3…” in the dataset. Against every country I have data like this, how to split this long text in multiple line. I want to show tooltip like

I create one calculated field and giving it in tooltip, what should I select in Displayed Value while configuring tooltip, I am selecting Unique Value and it is giving just One value in tooltip like

Hi @Namita

please use the link above (in my last answer) to see how I added all lines to the tooltip.

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