TOP and Bottom N parameters in the same chart

Hi Folks, Id like to build a new chart and put top and bottom values in the same visualization. I tried to follow other topic about it, but I wasnt able to understand it.

Since now, I thanks for helps.

Are you asking something similar to this example
if not please elaborate.

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Hi @sakkamzn.

As I told in my topic, I wasn’t able to understand it. But If you get to explain for me, I’ll be so thanks.

I have a table with profit a lot of stores, and I need to show in the same chart, the most 5 profits and the most 5 loss. In this example, He doesn’t show what I need to put in the parameters. Do you know how can I do it? Thanks for your try to help me.

@Igor Welcome to the community. By default the filter can be applied either on Top N or Bottom N in the same visual.
However you could use this functionality for users by using Conditional Rules:

  1. Create two visuals for Top N and Bottom N. Overlay one visual on another.
  2. Create a parameter toggle for Top and Bottom
  3. Apply Conditional rules to hide the visual based on parameter used for toggle selection. You could refer below link for setting up rules.
    Conditional rules - Amazon QuickSight

This should resolve your scenario.

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