Top N Filter and dimension filter cannot be used together. First, we should have the Top N filter applied and then the dimension filter

The Top N filter works fine when it is applied alone to the visuals. However, when I add another regular dimension filter, only the Top N filter works. Similarly, the dimension filter only works when it is applied alone without the Top N filter.
This issue does not happen in Tableau.

Can you show a screenshot of the filters you have applied to your visual?

Sure. There are 2 filters. A top N filter on the Genre Dimension by Average Rating and another filter that display all genres that contains a genre inputted by the users.

The Top N filter should limit the data first followed by what the user type for chosen genre

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In some cases we want to apply the Top N filter before the other filters but in other cases the reverse.

  1. Filter by the genre first and then find the top 40 in that genre.
  2. Find the top 40 overall first and then filter to only show the selected genre.

I believe that in QuickSight does #1 but you want #2. Is that correct?

You don’t have this issue in Tableau because in Tableau you can use context filters to decide which filter to apply first.