Top N for Current (Max) Time Period

I have table that shows 6 and 12 month period over period deltas. From this chart I want to display in another visual the clients that are the Top N ranked (or bottom) for the most recent time period. If I filter out prior dates, I lose the delta for the respective time periods. The deltas are driven based off a trailing average count (windowsAvg) with the delta keying off the trailing count average.

The hope was “Insights” would easily display this information but “Insights” appear to look across all rates of change, not just the most recent time period.

Hi @acharchar,
Are you able to share the calculations that you are currently using? My guess would be that you need to use level aware calculations inside your windowAvg. Either specify a group by field in an LAC-A or use a specific LAC-W function like countOver() or distinctCountOver(). The following two links should help.