Top Rank Narrative - change aggregation type

I am using a Top Ranked Narrative with CPA (calculated field) but it automatically gives me the sum which doesnt look right. How can I change the logic so I get an average instead?

Hi @Patrizia_Buompastore - generally if you change the aggregation you have set on the field in your Field Wells of that Insight visual, it will also change how the Top N is computed and the data displayed.

However it appears your CPA calculation has aggregation inside of it (can tell because of the text β€˜Top 20 segment_name for custom aggregation of CPA are:’

Can you paste the formula of your calculated field?

You would need to change the aggregation inside there. Numbers are not being summed right now, they are just following whatever aggregation you defined in your formula.

Hi Jesse my CPA would just be sum(total_costs)/sum(purchase).

however I have found another way which is easier and is the top and bottom within the filters.

My idea was to use narratives though

Essentially that ratio is going to be computed across all the underlying rows per segment in your data, and then it is finding the top 20 segments by that ratio. Im not sure I understand what you mean by wanting to average those values. If you found another way to do it Im happy to hear it though :slight_smile:

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