Top X Cascading Filters

I have 3 tables on my analyses, each one with a deeper level of granularity than the next. I have a TOP X filter applied to the top table (highest granularity) and am wondering if it’s possible to filter the bottom two tables on the subset of TOP X dimensions (target field) returned from the TOP X filter on the highest granularilty of tables.

Essentially , returning all rows in the bottom 2 tables that exist in the subset returned by the top x filter on the top table.

I think this would be possible. Just have each of the lower levels of visuals with an additional filter.

Top visual:
Filter A

2nd visual:
Filter A & Filter B

3rd visual:
Filter A & Filter B & Filter C

Is that what you’re asking?

Hey Max, thanks for your response. The issue is that the TOP X filter would return different results for the 2nd and 3rd visual due to the differences in granularity.

Imagine an example like this

Table 1: Directors | Total Sales

Table 2: Director | Manager | Total Sales

Table 3: Director | Manager | Employee | Total Sales

What I would want to do is filter for the Top X directors based on total sales. This would return 10 records in Table 1. I would want Table 2 to display all Managers under the hierarchy of those Top 10 directors which be (10 * Number of Managers) records . Table 3 would show all employees under those managers who appeared in Table 2.

Does this make sense?

I think all of the tables would be just filtered on top x directors then.

Adding more columns shouldn’t affect the directors based off a metric.

What are you saying the top x is? Like sales?

Hey Max,

You are completely right about this. I am not doing a great job of explaining exactly how my tables are structured.

Table 1 in this example is actually more like Director | Total Sales | Most Recent Week
Table 2: Director | Total Sales | Week (with data for the trailing 6 weeks and a record for each)
Table 3: Director | Manager | Total Sales | Day

What I want to is return the Top 10 Directors by Total sales for the most recent week in the first table and have all the data in the hierachy laid out returned in the tables below.

I tried to make a field that was Director + WindowMax(WeekDate) because I could use my Top 10 on that dimension in all the tables. Couldn’t really get that to work due how it’s aggregated but that’s what I am after.

I will let this sit for a while and then mark your proposed solution as correct because I didn’t quite articulate it correctly.

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