Total data amount

Is it possible to calculate and present via a dashboard the total amount of data used within an AWS organisation across all services? I can see under the CID dashboard the total amount of EBS data storage, is this data available for other services?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @mariomint

by ‘total amount of data’ you mean “volume of data”? not cost or usage?

Other than what is currently CID set of of dashboards (KIP dashboard has an usage option) there is the Cost and Usage Report Level 200: Cost and Usage Analysis :: AWS Well-Architected Labs

Each service uses and tracks “data” differently. To give you an idea, below is a sample of the Cost and Usage Report. As you can see, “data used” is different depending on the service (data in transfer in/out, storage, volume etc.). It is usually tracked across multiple dimensions: network, storage, type of storage, type of service, computing power, hosts etc. and other resources needed to make the particular service work.

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Hi @gillepa , thank you for your response, yes I am talking about the total volume of data. I have deployed the CID dashaboards so will investigate further.
Thanks again

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