Transition of dashboard from one account to another

how to transfer one dashboard from one account to another? generally my team uses “amazonflexbi” account and i got new dashboard in “amazonbi” account. can i clone it up in my account some way. i am the co-owner of dashboard and can get all relevant rights.
Or else if this is not the option , can i load my athena tables in new account? right now it is not giving me access to do so. my main objective is to get that dashboard running with new dataset

@Trbhatia - You can go through the below links which will give you greater insight on the process. This is very similar to code promotion / deployment use case, which basically the below links talk about.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @sagmukhe for share the details… I am also looking for devops solution for QuickSight and this materials will surely help me.

Regards - San

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