Transpose Table

Hello everyone,
to build a line graph over time, I believe it is important to transpose my current table. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to Pivot the table to get the expected result.

  1. Open the field wells.
  2. Drag year into the first group by,
  3. Drag client into the 2nd group by column,
  4. Drag sum (value) into the first value field.
  5. Sort by year.


You have to unpivot your data. What’s your data source? Is it an Excel file?

According to this other thread, it’s supposed to be the roadmap.

Hi @Andy_Brand , thank you for your answer. I do not have year as a column, I wanna have one.

Hi @David_Wong , thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I wanna do.

If your data is in Excel, you can use Power Query to unpivot the data.

If it’s in a database, you can try to use a custom SQL to unpivot.

Other than that, you can take a look at Glue Databrew.

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IS year a field? If not, what are the fields in the dataset? If not, You could probably make year a field with a calculated field. Then it would be easy to use it as a column.

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Hi @Andy_Brand , thank you for your reply. I have one column for each year.

How could I create a unique year column and another one with values? Is it possible to do it using the calculation field?

Thank you