Troubleshoot Analysis Titles and Subtitles Failed to load narrative editor

Seems that when the new feature released for Analysis Titles and Subtitles I can no longer edit or add and maintain any titles and get nothing more than the message Failed to load narrative editor. Do others find similar issue with setting titles and subtitles or simply accessing the narrative editor? “Many times retry doesn’t bring up the editor” Tried repeatedly and sometimes it works sometimes it just keeps saying retry.

Thank you for pointing this out. Can you please share additional details, screenshots etc. for the team to reproduce the issue. The team is already looking at this, but any additional details will help us debug the issue better.

Hi, Could you please provide additional details to reproduce this issue

Nothing more can be shared because today I am not able to recreate the issue previously occurring at the time I first posted. So you can for now please assume the issue has been corrected by Quicksight team and the client (me) is not having any issues as originally described starting 3 March 2022