Trying to add a person as author/owner/co-owner/editor. That person is stuck as READER

I redid all of the permissions on the dataset, analysis and dashboard. The person in question was a team member where the team had a viewer access.

Still I cannot add that person as an author. Quicksight tells me her current role is a READER and I have to promote her.

Hi @Czarooo

You want to add the person or will change the role?


Hi @Czarooo - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. When you are adding the user in QS, you have to choose as Reader or Author. Once this has been set, then you can give the permission to the dashboard and analysis. An author can create dashboard, analysis where as a reader have only READ only access.

So first create the user as reader or author.

Regards - Sanjeeb

But how am I supposed to do that? The accounts are already created. I am just trying to give edit access for my teammate. I have owner access to the analysis, datasets and dashboard. There is no account to be created.

I want to change the role so that this person can edit the analysis and dataset. I have ownership of that dataset and analysis.

On the start screen.
Top right corner.
Manage QuickSight
Manage users
There you should see the users and their role.

Hi @Czarooo
could you solve your issue?

Hi, I did not solve it.
The account is granted to us as Amazon employees. We are all using the same account (“amazonbi”) with different usernames. I think I might not have possibility to change the status of that username from READER to AUTHOR/ADMIN. Even if the analysis/dataset is mine I guess this is only for the account owner? If so how do I find that person?

@Czarooo , reach out to your manager who should be able to provide the author access. You can look into internal Quicksight onboarding wiki on requesting access.