Trying to do what NORM.S.INV does in PowerBI, but in Quicksight

Hi All - would be eternally grateful for some help here.

I am using fields within a data set to create a calculated field, then wrapping that in a stdev function in quicksight. It isn’t liking that as that creates a nested error.

Trying to figure out a way to keep all of this in quicksight as opposed to building this out in DataGrip.

If anyone has ANY ideas please share as I’m hitting a wall. Thanks all!

Can you paste your calculated field and show the error please?

Also what are you nesting inside of the stdev? If you can show that field that would be very helpful as well.

You can try to move the first calculation to the dataset. This way the analysis will recognize this as a normal column and you can use this column in another calculations without getting the nested error.

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Hey Max - talked with Emily Zhu, I don’t believe Quicksight has the function I need to do what PowerBI is doing with the function in the title. Thank you very much for the help!

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I think that’s the best plan moving foward - thank you!