Turning Values into Percentages for a Pivot Chart Visual

How can you look at daily percentages of the Yes/No/Null values in the Pivot table on the right side per the daily values? Is there a quick way to reproduce the Chart with Percentages?

Can you add a calculated field:

     ,[{call_timestamp} ] 

Then add this as a value as well.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 9.10.11 AM
I copy and pasted what you wrote above and getting Errors found in the Calculated field.
What am I doing wrong? Are the two fields separated by commas?

You only need 1 comma.

,[{call_timestamp} ]

I’ve tried every which way I can and no win… Any other suggestions?

Is your field a measure? For instance count({field}) or sum({field})?

You would need to do something like this:


This do the trick?

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