Type of graph to show the files processed from raw to standardized to processed

what type of graph can be used to show the visualization where we have time series in x axis and in the y axis , a calculated field ( if files are in S3 raw- should be 5, in standardized- should be 15, and in processed , should be 25) and graph should be something like this

So that, the files in raw will be clubbed together and similarly in standardized and processed.

The above shows info about 4 different files in a particular day , 2 files landed in raw, 1 file, is in standardized zone and the 4th file is in processed zone.

Based on presumption that each file will have a unique time stamp, a scatter plot visual should work with the time in the x-axis and the calculated value in the y-axis. If you want the data points to have the zone as the label, you can have the zone field in the color field well and format the visual to display the category as the data label.

@Krishna Thank you for the response and input, but the X axis is taking count(time) rather than the time, is there a way we can show just the arrival times on the x-axis, and the calculated field on the y-axis and the zones as mentioned by you accordingly.

Please find attached screenshot for reference: