Unabe to replace an existing dashboard

Any idea why a particular analysis would not be publishable over the existing dashboard?

The dashboard I want to publish over, is sourced from the same analysis.

Yet the option is greyed out:


  • The dashboard does originate from the same analysis. Checked via API, and SourceEntityArn matches.
  • I have full owner permissions over both the dashboard and analysis. I made sure I assigned it via asset transfer screen.

@m0ltar ,

Here is what I tested in the default and custom namespace and it works.

Admin User : Creates analysis and publishes a dashboard in the QuickSight console.
Admin User : Then shares the analysis and dashboard with another Author [Manage QuickSight > Manage Assets as > Owner for both analysis and dashboard]
The Author can open the analysis and republish on the existing dashboard.

What you tested , is it similar to mine ? . If yes and it is still greyed out :
1/ Create another test analysis and dashboard and share it with the users.
2/ If problem persists after step 1 : log a support ticket.

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Hi @Koushik_Muthanna,

Your test case is a happy path, and I am sure it works, as I’ve been able to publish the dashboards before.

However, our path is not so happy, and I cannot even trace it anymore. But it is using standard QS features.

  1. I have used the asset screen and shared both analysis and dashboard and assigned myself as “Owner”
  2. I went into the analysis, and I cannot publish it

Yet, the API does show that the current analysis in question is the source of the dashboard I am trying to publish over.

Hello @m0ltar - Since a few months have passed from your original post I am going to archive this question. If you still need assistance with this please post a new question in the QuickSight community and link to this topic. Due to the community focus on responding to questions with 0 replies, this will ensure you are a top priority for help from one of our QuickSight experts. Thank you!