Unable to connect AWS RDS to QuickSight Enterprise


I recently created a QuickSight enterprise account and tried to connect to a new data source to my AWS RDS Postgresql. However, I am getting the error “sourceErrorCode:GENERIC_SQL_EXCEPTION” and “sourceErrorMessage:Connection attempt timed out.” whenever I tries to validate the connection (note that SSL is enabled, not sure if this is causing the issue).

I followed the guide - Manually enabling access to an Amazon RDS instance in a VPC - Amazon QuickSight and double checked the settings. The inbound rule is based on my AWS Region while the outbound is open to all.

I checked my RDS setting, and there are two VPC security group tagged to it (one being the new VPC security group for QuickSight, the other is the default).

I am at a loss here. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

Hi @dixerio -
Is the RDS instance in a private subnet? If so, you can review the details in this post. Create a private connection from Amazon QuickSight to Redshift or RDS | AWS re:Post

Hi @Kellie_Burton ,

Thanks for the reply. My PostgreSQL RDS is publicly accessible - I guess this means it is not in a private subnet? I also followed this Youtube tutorial from QuickSight - How to Connect Amazon QuickSight to a Private Database in a Different AWS Region or Account - YouTube and still couldn’t connect.

If it is publicly accessible, do I just need to use public network to connect to the PostgreSQL RDS? Because when I did that, I get a different error on the password authentication type (my PostgreSQL is version 15).

Thank you.

PS: I am very new to AWS, so sorry if some of the questions sound silly.

Hi @dixerio -
There’s never a silly question. Check out the solution in this Community Post - My QuickSight cannot connect to RDS PostgreSQL DB via VPC - #4 by seattle. Looks like their was an authentication change in PostgreSQL authentication method in 14.2 that may be relevant for you.