Unable to connect Quicksight to athena as it

Unable to read Athena database from AWS QuickSight . I’m trying to connect my quicksight to athena to get the queried Cloudfront logs stored in a database table. I’m unable to see the tables in quicksight . Please let me know what the issue is ? I tried giving all the permissions possible


Athena is not a database, its a data explorer of different data source specially the S3.
You need to create connection with Athena and then create the dataset.
One think more create a database in Athena and try there the to data explore.

It’s simple method to create connection with Athena, you can re-check your permissions.


Naveed Ali

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Hi @Shreekar_Jayaram

Could you please check required permissions are granted as mentioned in the below article.

Hoping Cloudfront logs are also stored/available on the same account where QuickSight subscription is enabled.

Let us know if this is helpful.
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Hi Shreekar, just to add one more point. Please make sure your Athena table are present in the same region when you’re searching using Quicksight.

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