Unable to connect to ceuopsfinance.db.amazon.com DB

Hello, I’m having issue to connect from quicksight to a finance DB (ceuopsfinance.db.amazon.com). I can connect properly with Power BI, but for some reasons, quicksight always tells me “unable to resolve the host address”
Can you help me?
Thank you,

@Emma_Tni Can you please elaborate on the type of database that you are trying to connect to?

@n_vetri yes ! It’s a finance database, the host name is ceuopsfinance.db.amazon.com
Port is 3306
It’s MySql database, managed by SEU FP&A team.
Let me know if there is any specific information you need ?

When I connect in PowerBi Desktop, I select MySql Database
Then in Server, I use “ceuopsfinance.db.amazon.com
And in Database, I use “finance”
And it works perfectly fine. I did have to download a MySql Connector Net, when first working on PowerBi Desktop.
Do I have to download some kind of connector for Quicksight as well?

Hi @Emma_Tni
This question may be difficult to answer through the community forum, because it requires validation of connection to your database. I will message you privately to discuss possible solutions.

In general you need to use the fully qualified domain name, not the CNAME (alias). Vetri will send you the right server name to use (since this is a DB internal to amazon).

Hi (connecting with my amazon login now)
Yes please let me know what would be the full domain name