Unable to download all the sheets in a dashboard in pdf format

Hi Team,

Is there a way to download multiples sheet in a single dashboard to pdf. Right now I am able to download only single sheet in a dashboard.


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Not at this time.

Here is a video of the export to PDF/email options currently available. New Export to PDF and Email Attachment Options - YouTube as well as documentation for current feature Export Data from an Analysis to a PDF file - Amazon QuickSight.

Hi Jill, I am having the same trouble as Mounika. As I have to click download button per sheet, it is very inconvenient ATM. Could you add a feature to enable downloading all sheets at once in CSV? Your consideration is highly appreciated.

We currently have on the roadmap a feature to export the underlying data from selected visual(s) from all sheet(s) as individual CSV files. If there are multiple CSV files that are generated, then the files will be all zipped for ease of download.

Tracking a similar feature request on the Roadmap to enable the ability to download multiple Sheets of a Dashboard as a single or multiple PDF files.


Upvoting the request for all sheets to be exportable to pdf please - its unmanageable to export multiple sheets one-by-one…thank you!


Hi Team,
any updates on this?
Thanks, Michael

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Same problem here. Massively impractical for users to generate individual PDFs :frowning:

Any updates on this? Really need to have this enabled, instead of trying to export each sheet individually.