Unable to edit narratives of Insights


Since this morning, I am unable to edit narratives in Insights. When I click on the 3 dots at the top right of an already created insight, I don’t have the option anymore to customize the narrative. I am still able to create a new insight and customize the narrative for the first time, but once it is saved I can’t edit it again. Is this part of a new QS update or is it an error on my QS/ everyone’s QS ?

Thank you !

The issues seems due to the ‘new look toggle’. Can you disable the toggle and try, it worked for me

Weirdly enough, today the option shows as usual, even on the new look. So I guess it was temporary :slight_smile: Thanks for your help still.


I am having similar issue now. I cannot edit narratives. In my case, I am not able even first time after creation.