Unable to fetch filter values. Refresh later or use the "Custom filter list"

I created a calculated field which called ‘Is Quest Complete - Binary’ which that it’s code -

maxOver(ifelse({ROUND_STAGE} = ‘4-16’ AND isNotNull({COMPLETE_STAGE_TS}),1,0),[{USER_ID}],PRE_AGG)

Unfortunatly, while I am trying to use this filter I got this error:
“Unable to fetch filter values. Refresh later or use the “Custom filter list”.”


Is someone knows this error?


Hi Eldad_Levi,

One reason this can happen is when there are too many values of a field for the filter list option to process. If you are adding this filter to your sheet, you may be able to ignore this error and still apply the filter and use your control on the sheet to select the filter values you want. If there are values you want to exclude from your sheet without using the control on your sheet, you can change the filter to the custom filter list type and manually enter the values you want to include or exclude.

Does this solution work for you? I am marking this reply as, “Solution,” but let me know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

Hey Peter,
Thanks for the help!
Using a parameter did solve my issue!
Actually, I have only 2 values in this column (Binary, 0 or 1).
I still do not understand why I got this error in this specific case and the need of using control as a filter. If you have any clue for that - I’ll be happy to hear.
Any way, at least now I can continue working.
Thanks again!

I also encountered this issue, the filter list does not showing any values. In previous UI, the data can show the values

HI @Eldad_Levi How have you solved this issue? I’m also getting the same error.

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