Unable to find Text "Bold" option for individual values that are added as rows in "Table"

Unable to find Text “Bold” option for individual values that are added as rows in “Table”. I am adding multiple measures one by one in the “Values” pane to display as rows in the “Table”. I would like to “Bold” one of the row value which is Total. I am unable to easily do this. Am I missing something here?

Hi @rubinsee

You can do totals on the visual itself like below snippet.
If you are looking for the o/p something like this -
Click on Format visual (pen icon on the visual) → Enable Totals

If you already have Totals word in your data, then as per my knowledge I would suggest you to use Conditional formatting like below snippet

Let me know if that helps!

@Sanjeeb2022 - if you have any other thoughts on this, can suggest :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I am looking for something that you listed in the second scenario. I have a separate custom Total field, and I pull that in my value pane. I tried the “Conditional Formatting”. But, it does not have an easy way to bold the values of the entire row. I understand your suggestion to use some other way of highlighting it using Conditional formatting. But, I feel there should be a simple bold text option so the values appear clear and highlighted in the table. If there is no feature available at this time, I would strongly recommend to add this to feature request, prioritize and implement it soon. Thanks for your help!

Okay, I believe there is no built-in capability to apply bold formatting to individual rows or cells directly within a table visualization. @Max @David_Wong @Sanjeeb2022 - Please correct me!

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Hi @shravya - Yes you are correct , there is NO direct approach to bold a particular value , conditional formatting is one approach. But what is the benefit to bold a particular value? If we will get some more details around it, we can request for a feature request.

Regards - Sanjeeb


Hi @Sanjeeb2022, this would be beneficial when displaying the pivot table visually to emphasise the total row or a certain row of values.

Thanks @danielmar123 .
Hi @ErikG - Is it possible to add this as a feature request. The usecase details are available above.

Regards - Sanjeeb