Unable to see field mapping for filters on different data sets on analysis sheet, what can I do to solve this?

I uploaded a new csv file as a data-set on the analysis. However I do not see the field mapping on the filters (which have to be applied on some visuals of previous and new data-set) that were added on the analysis before.

When I use the new data-set to add a visual and then create a filter I see that the fields are mapped, I just don’t know the same mapping I am not able to see for the data that was added earlier.

Can someone help me on this or is this a bug?

Can you give a screen shot of what you are looking at?

Filters don’t automatically attach themselves to a dataset. They are specific to visuals.

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@Shashwat I’m not sure if this is the same issue you’re facing. I found that if I have a filter that’s applied to all applicable visuals and then I add a new visual from a different dataset, the filter doesn’t automatically apply to that new visual. I have to change the value in the “Applied to” dropdown to something else (e.g. Only this visual), apply, change it back to “All applicable visuals” and apply again to fix it.

The “All applicable visuals” option seems to work only on visuals that are already in the analysis at the time the filter is applied. It doesn’t work on visuals that are added afterwards.

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