Unable to see site level data

For some reason I’m unable to view incident details at a site level stance. It just says it’s “no data. There was no data found fro the visual” for all of the sections.

Hello @Jenny_Ho, welcome to the QuickSight community!

I think I need some more information about the problem you are facing to guide you any further. Based on what you said, I am assuming you are trying to add some visuals from your dataset in an analysis, and you are getting an error on the visual. Am I correct? Are you using any calculated fields in the analysis or on the dataset level? Is your dataset built with custom SQL or are you directly querying a view from your datasource? And does this seem to be linked to a specific field value or are you unable to visualize all of your data?

With a little more information about what you are trying to accomplish, what is currently working, and your setup, I may be able to guide you further. Thank you!

I’m unable to see any charts even though my filters haven’t been changed. My site is DPD8.

Hello @Jenny_Ho, so I have a few questions. Have any changes been made to your dataset or the database that it is connected to? If you go into the Edit Dataset view and look at the data table on the bottom of the page, are you seeing the data populate in the view? Make sure that you aren’t experiencing an error outside of QuickSight. Also, is your dataset stored in SPICE or is it set to Direct Query? Maybe it is taking too long to run the query if it is Direct Query and causing the visuals to error. Try and provide as much information as possible as I do not have access to your account or understanding of your use case.

I’ll go ahead and reply as best as I can. I’ve been using this dataset for a while now and it has stopped “working” for the last 3-4 weeks. I see that my dataset is stored in SPICE. I don’t see any dataset populating on the screen.

Hello @Jenny_Ho, what database are you using for your datasource? Are you able to check if there are any issues with the database or is there someone you work with who would have that information? Another possibility is, have you exceeded 500 million rows in the dataset? That is the maximum number of rows that can be stored, so if you are refreshing the data maybe you have exceeded that number and it is causing your dataset to error.

One other thought, is there any chance Row Level Security has been applied to the dataset and you no longer have access to view the data? If RLS is applied, and your UserName has not been added in the RLS dataset, then you would lose the ability to view any data being returned.

If none of the things I mentioned apply, then I think the next course of action I would recommend would be to file a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details a bit further. Here are the steps to open a support case.

Otherwise, if one of the issues I highlighted does seem like the cause, let me know and we can try to figure out a solution. Thank you!

Everything seems to be working out actually. For some reason I just had to reset my laptop and reset all of the filters.

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Hello @Jenny_Ho, thank you for following up. I am glad everything is working as expected!