Unable to send reports to team/specific members who already have the quicksight access

Hello all, Needed a small help here. I would want the persons who have the permissions to access in Quicksight , should get the reports in their emails, sent out by me , but while creating a schedule, I am just able to send to myself and none other in the EMAIL RECIPIENTS . Could you please let me know, how to send reports to a group or a people having access. Is there any other authentication or permission settings that needs to be done? Thank you

Hello @dsahu !

Have you already tried these steps?:

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@duncan Thank you So much, Yes I tried this now and it is working. For a group I guess, I have to add the group first in manage permissions and then , share the dashboard with that group. Thank you so much again!


@dsahu No problem, Iā€™m glad that helped!

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